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Defense arrangements for Master graduates in March 2023




Check the completion of your study

Before December 9, 2022

Please make sure you have finished:
1. Online application for thesis proposal
2. Online application for mid-term report
3. All course study and GPA > 2.7

Submit application form of graduation

Before December 31, 2022

Send attachment 1 with personal signature and supervisor’s signature to

Upload thesis online

Before December 31, 2022

You can check online the repetition check results within 2 days.
Delete your personal info (see attachment 3 for format)
If you failed in repetition check, you cannot go on with next steps.

SJTU/ME school blind review

If you passed the repetition check, please click “Blind Trail” online. If you are sampled, your thesis will be sent by graduate school for blind review, otherwise, your thesis will attend sample check by ME school.

Expert review

Within two weeks of submitting thesis

Please ask your supervisor to recommend two thesis review experts in advance and then tell their names to your defense secretary.
After passing repetition check, contact secretary to send your thesis for the expert review.

Submit defense application online

1-5 days before defense

1. Pass the repetition check
2. Pass expert review
3. Thesis has been sent out for blind review.

Prepare the defense materials with secretary


Between February 6-10, 2023

Secretary will keep you informed of the detailed arrangement.

Notify defense results

Before February 12, 2023

Second defense

February 17-21, 2023 (TBD)

Students in the bottom 15% of the first defense are required to attend

Upload thesis online for archiving

Before February 24, 2023

The final thesis for online filing cannot be modified after upload. Please be very cautious.

Upload document online and hard copy for archiving

Degree evaluation committee meeting

March, 2023


1. You should keep the scanned files of defense resolution record, authorization page, and copyright page for filing online.

2. Students who are unable to participate in the defense (the thesis are not completed, there are failing courses) are not included in the arrangement. Please submit the application for extension in time.


Attachment 1-Application form

Attachment 2-SJTU Thesis Format (English Version)

Attachment 3-Format Requirements of Thesis for Anonymous Assessment

Attachment 4-Declaration of Originality of Thesis

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