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Master Requirement

Master of Science (M.S.) Program offered in School of Mechanical Engineering

To obtain a Master of Science (MS) Degree from School of Mechanical Engineering (ME), students must fulfill the following requirements. 

1. Complete specific Coursework.

2. Preparation, propose, and defend a Master Thesis.

3. No requirement for paper publication.

4. The length of MS program is 2.5 years. If the thesis isn’t completed within 2.5 years, the student could apply for extension. The maximum length is 3.5 years.


To complete their coursework requirement, Master students must take a number of courses, while maintaining a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA). Courses offered in English in ME are divided into two categories, GPA course and Non-GPA course (refer to Fig.2). GPA courses will be calculated into GPA.

1) Credits requirement.
①At least 30 credits’ courses must be completed.
②Among the 30 credits, at least 19 credits must be obtained from GPA courses.
③ Compulsory courses are: Chinese Language (2 credits), Chinese Culture (2 credits), English for Academic Purposes (2 credits) and two mathematics courses (6 credits). All of these five courses belong to GPA courses.

2) Minimum GPA requirement.
①Students whose GPA for GPA courses below 2.7 are not eligible for thesis defense.
② Students who failed in exam are not eligible for thesis defense. Students who retake the corresponding course and get exam passed will be eligible for thesis defense.

2.Master Thesis

Candidates who have completed all the requirements of Coursework are eligible for master thesis defense. The length of the thesis should be around 20,000 words in English. A successful defense of a Master Thesis involves the following steps, which are shown in Fig. 3.

Figure 1.  Overview of M.S.   Program




The first two weeks of Semester 1

Make   your study plan online according to the Degree  Requirements, select courses online and take courses

All the online application process should be operated in the Graduate Information Management System with your SJTU Jaccount. (

The first month of Semester 1

Submit the hard copy of your study plan to the Graduate Affairs Office(Room 102, Mechanical Building A)

Signature of your supervisor is required before submission the hard copy to Graduate Affairs Office

Semester 2

Select courses online, complete all the coursework in your study plan and prepare for the thesis proposal.

In principle study plan shall not be changed. If changes needed, the request can only be accepted within the first beginning two weeks while the certain courses you’d like to change haven’t got started.

Semester   3, 4 and 5

Prepare, propose, and defend   a Master Thesis according to the Degree Requirements

In principle M.S. Program shall be finished   within 2.5-3.5 years. If extension needed, please go to Graduate Affairs Office for details.



                                                       Figure 2: Courses offered in English at ME   for 2017-2018 Academic Year
No.Course   Code课程名称(中文)Course   NameCreditCategorySemeser
1EP26003高等工程热力学(英文)Advance   Engineering Thermodynamics3GPA   CourseSpring&Fall
2EP26004高等传热学(英文)Advanced   Heat Transfer3GPA   CourseFall
3EP26001高等工程流体力学(英文)Advanced   Fluid Dynamics in Engineering3GPA   CourseFall
4ME26005数字信号处理(英文)Digital   Signal Processing3GPA   CourseFall
5ME26021计算机图形学(英文班)Computer   Graphics3GPA   CourseFall
6ME26018弹塑性力学Elastic   & Plastic Mechanics3GPA   CourseFall
7EP26002计算流体力学(英文)Computational   Fluid Dynamics3GPA   CourseFall
8ME6029高等运筹学(英文)Advanced   Operations3GPA   CourseFall
9ME6033生产与运作分析(英文)Production   and Operation Analysis3GPA   CourseFall
10ME6019汽车系统动力学(英文)Software   Engineering for Automotive Electronic Control System3Non-GPA   CourseFall
11ME26016博弈论Game   Theory3Non-GPA   CourseFall
12PO6017循环流化床燃烧技术(英文)Circulating   Fluidized Bed Combustion 3Non-GPA   CourseFall
13PO6020新能源系统(英文)New   Energy Systems3Non-GPA   CourseFall
14EP26009先进空气动力学测量技术基础与实践Fundamentals   and Practices of Advanced Aerodynamics Measurement Technologies3Non-GPA   CourseFall
15ME7007工厂物理学(英文班)Factory   Physics3Non-GPA   CourseFall
16ME26001测试原理、传感器与系统(英文)Basic   Principle, Sensors and Systems for Mechanical Measurement3GPA   CourseSpring
17EP26013高等燃烧学(英文班)Advanced   Combustion Theory3GPA   CourseSpring
18PO6002燃烧化学动力学(英文)Combustion   Chemical Kinetics3GPA   CourseSpring
19PO6011多相流与传热(英文)Multiphase   Flow and Heat Transfer3GPA   CourseSpring
20PO6013微尺度流动与传热(英文)Microfluid   Flow and Heat Transfer3GPA   CourseSpring
21ME26003摩擦学与润滑理论(英文)Tribology   & Lubrication Theory3GPA   CourseSpring
22ME6031数据挖掘(英文)Data   Mining3GPA   CourseSpring
23ME6035离散事件导论(英文)Introduction   to Discrete Event System3GPA   CourseSpring
24ME6001结构声学(英文)Structural   Acoustics3Non-GPA   CourseSpring
25ME6041现代汽车动力总成技术(英文)Advanced   Powertrain Technologies3Non-GPA   CourseSpring
26ME7004汽车控制工程(英文)Modern   Vehicle Control Engineering3Non-GPA   CourseSpring
27ME26022机器视觉与应用(英文班)Machine   Vision and its Applications3Non-GPA   CourseSpring
28ME26023微细制造(英文班)Micro   Manufacturing3Non-GPA   CourseSpring
29ME7008算法设计与分析Algorithm   Design and Analysis3Non-GPA   CourseSpring

Figure 3. Master Thesis   Timeline

Notes: All the online application process should be operated in the Graduate Information Management System with your SJTU Jaccount.

To-do List



Step 1.   Upload Thesis Proposal Form online and submit   the hard copy to Graduate Affairs Office.

The end of semester   3

Work with your   supervisor on the thesis proposal.

Thesis proposal provides the   following information: (1) the proposed content of the research work, (2) a comprehensive literature review of the state-of-the-art   in the field, (3) a description of the research tasks that have   been completed, (4) a discussion of preliminary   results, (5) the original contribution of the proposed research,   and (6) the tasks that will be completed before the thesis defense.

Step 2.Upload draft thesis   online for repetition check and blind-evaluation

a month before the   end of  semester 5

Candidates will get   repetition-check result before the deadline. Candidates with repetition-check   rate over 10% will not be   eligible to apply for MS degree. The draft thesis uploaded is the one to   be evaluated in blind-evaluation process.

Step 3.Get informed of blind-evaluation and submits hard copy of draft thesis to Graduate School.

a week before the   end of semester 5

(1)Candidates’   draft thesis will be selected randomly for blind evaluation. The result of blind-evaluation only serves as reference suggestions to final thesis defense result.
  (2) Graduate School only accepts draft thesis for bind-evaluation on Thursday.

Step 4.Check the feedback   of draft thesis evaluation

a week before the thesis   defense

Candidates’ draft thesis will be evaluated by two   experts. Candidates can check the feedback of evaluation before the deadline.

Step 5.   Apply for   thesis defense online


3 days before  thesis defense

Step 6. Defense for thesis

The end of semester   5

Thesis defense   lasts for 40 minutes, including 20-30 minutes presentation of thesis content   and 10-20 minutes answering questions given by Master Thesis Committee (MTC).

Step 7.Submit final thesis   online

3 days after thesis   defense

Candidates revise   draft thesis according to MTC’s comments. Final thesis and other related   documents will be submitted to Academic Degree Committee for final   evaluation.

Step 8.   Being   awarded M.S degree

Determined by  Academic Degree Committee

Hard copy of M.S   degree will be awarded to successful candidates.


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