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Notice on Semester Registration of Graduate Students for 2021-2022 Fall Semester

Dear international graduate students,


Please check the Semester Registration and Course Arrangement of Graduate Students for the 2021-2022 fall semester as follows.


Date & time for semester registration

- Time: 8:30-16:30, Sep 12th, 2021 Beijing Time

- Venue:

The registration should be performed online via 交我办App. For students in China, please complete your registration on SJTU campus. In case the online registration cannot proceed, please contact the graduate coordinator or go to the graduate academic office (Room A102, Mechanical Building) to complete the registration.

- Registration requirement:

All the graduate students should complete the registration within the prescribed time period.

- Graduate Courses

For full-time program students, the graduate courses will start from Sep 13th, 2021.

Please check your course schedule for details.


Tuitions and fees payment

1. For those who need to pay the tuitions and/or other fees, please make the payment before the registration.

2. Payment method: Online payment, please find the attachment 1 for information.


Late registration appeal

The graduate students who cannot register on time due to force majeure must ask for permission to defer the registration BEFOREHAND from the Graduate Affairs Office of their schools. Upon approval, the student can be granted no more than two weeks of grace period. Student should fill the Semester Registration Deferment (please find the attachment 2), upon supervisor’s approval, students can upload it to the register system or submit to the Graduate Academic Affairs Office of ME school BEFORE the registration day. (Room A102, Mechanical Building). Contact information of Graduate Academic Affairs Office staff is as follows.


Master students of 2019/18/17

Ms. Qianru PANG,

Master students of 2020   

Ms. Honoria HAO,

Ph.D students of 2016/15

Ms. Ni NI,

Ph.D students of   2020/2018/2017

Ms. Jenny ZHANG,

Ph.D students of   2019/2021(admitted in spring)

Ms. Rachel ZHONG,

For those who fail to make the semester registration on time without applying for deferment or not being approved shall be handled according to the SJTU Regulations on Graduate Education and Management.

Late registration appeal without reasonable cause will not be approved.


Graduation deferment, suspension and resumption of schooling

1. Graduation deferment: Students who are expected to graduate on September 30th, 2021 are exempted from the semester registration. While those who cannot graduate on schedule should apply to extend their study duration at My SJTU ( first and then proceed with the registration.

2. Suspension and resumption of schooling: Student whose current status is “suspension of schooling” does not need to register. The students who need resume schooling after suspension shall go through the resumption of schooling procedure at My SJTU ( (Postgraduate-Resume Schooling Application) first, and then proceed with the semester registration.


Modification of the training program

The training program must be completed according to the plan after it has been formulated, and it cannot be easily modified. If you really need to modify it, please apply for modification during the modification period of the training program open to the school. After the approval of the tutor, the application will be submitted to the school for approval. It is not allowed to change courses that have been completed (including courses that grades hasn’t been given) in the training program.


Grades self-check, curriculum schedule and professional course selection

- Grades self-check: please search your course scores in the new system ( in time to check whether there are failed courses and whether the GPA statistics source reaches 2.7.

- Retake: Retake application and course selection for graduate courses will be conducted from 12:00 on September 12 to 20:00 on September 26 (Beijing Time) of fall semester. Please submit your application through the retake interface during the course selection period. After the retake application is approved, you must enter the retake elective interface to choose your own classes! The total number of retaking the same course cannot exceed 2 times (including 2 times). Those who fail the retaking for 2 times will be expelled according to the regulations.

- Professional course selection (cancellation and re-selection) : You need to finish the cancellation and re-selection of professional courses from 12:00 on September 12 to 20:00 on September 26 (Beijing Time) of fall semester. For students who need to modify their training plan, please log in with jAccount to complete the modification and submit it to the school for review, and add or withdraw the courses. In principle, course selection and withdrawal are not allowed after this period.


Requirement on COVID-19 countermeasures

In view of the current situation on COVID-19 pandemic, and according to the requirements of the Ministry of Education, Shanghai Municipal, the following rules should be observed:

All students are requested to carry out self-health monitoring 14 days before returning.

For students who are not on campus currently, please contact your counsellor on the possible arrangements. Students in medium/high risk regions are requested not to return the campus.





Graduate Academic Affairs Office, School of Mechanical Engineering 

Aug 27th , 2021



Attachment 1研究生缴费方式 Payment method for graduate students.docx

Attachment 2研究生暂缓注册审批表 Semester Registration Deferment.docx


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