Orienteering Competition Was Successfully Held


On the afternoon of November 26, the orienteering activity of "youth orientation, vitality cross-country" was successfully held in Minhang Campus of Shanghai Jiaotong University. This activity is sponsored by the Graduate Union of the School of Mechanical Engineering, and co organized by the Graduate Union of the School of Cultural and Creative Industries of Shanghai Jiaotong University-University of Southern California, the Graduate Union of the School of Media and Communication, and the International Student Union of the School of Mechanical Engineering. It aims to let students relax and feel the beautiful scenery of the school after study through the combination of sports and intellectual projects.

A total of 22 teams participated in this activity, with a total of 82 undergraduates, masters and bloggers competing on the same platform. There are two teams of international students, including 6 international students and 2 staff of the International Student Union.



Each contestant first gathered on the lawn and signed in, and then the staff gave a detailed and full introduction to the process and rules. According to the pre assigned groups, all the contestants got familiar with each other and completed the team formation, making preparations for the official start of this orienteering activity.

According to the clues obtained, the contestants searched for 8 mission locations distributed in the campus of Jiaotong University, planned their action routes and completed the tasks in turn.

This activity includes eight different games, such as "Flip Solitaire" and "Idiom Solitaire". After arriving at the task site, all groups of students actively divided their work and worked together to successfully complete the tasks. After each task is completed, each group of contestants will get a total of 5 questions, and if they answer the questions correctly, they can earn additional points.




At the end of the activity, the contestants from each group returned to the ME lawn to gather. The host of the activity announced the answers to the riddles for the contestants, so that everyone had a further understanding of the campus culture.There were many awards in this activity, and the top five teams in the activity were awarded fine prizes by the college.

In this orienteering activity, all kinds of interesting challenges let the players not only exercise their bodies, but also train their quick thinking ability. This activity allowed students to put down their pressure after study, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the campus, enjoy the warm sunshine in the afternoon, feel the cultural atmosphere of the campus, and enhance the friendship between them.


After the award ceremony, all the contestants and the staff took a group photo, and the fun orienteering activity ended successfully.

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