Orientation for ME international students of grade 2022


On 24th September, MEISU (Mechanical Engineering International Student Union) carried out an orientation for Mechanical Engineering School freshmen of international students. The lecture was held in the F210 conference room of the college, and some new international students who could not attend also attended the lecture online. The event was hosted by James Fan (who is in charge of international students’ affairs). Total of 11 new international students attended the orientation, 5 online and 6 present.


In the beginning, James Fan introduce the college and affairs. He also collected information about websites and official account commonly used in the school for students. Entrance education was conducted for freshmen. After that, he brought safety education to the freshmen, and reminded them to pay attention to traffic safety and beware of financial fraud. Finally, he explained the latest epidemic prevention and control policies to the freshmen in detail. The audience listened carefully and asked questions, especially about the campus management of the epidemic. Mr. Fan gave the students detailed answers, and earnestly provided relevant risk area query links to assist students to commute safely.




Next, Honoria Hao, from Graduate Academic Affairs Office, described school discipline and rules, postgraduate cultivation, academic integrity and so on. Living in China is a new experience for international freshmen. Regulation will enhance our understanding on Chinese law and legal rules to make sure we will not do anything against local law. Campus regulations are also the rules that must be observed by students of SJTU.


Finally, Bruce Hsu introduced MEISU. MEISU was founded in 2018 with a vision to provide a platform for students of Mechanical Engineering of SJTU to exchange universal cultures and build a bridge between international students and Chinese students. MEISU has 3 departments which are Academic center, Culture center, and Communication center. Welcome to join the family of MEISU! Recruitment is in progress, please check previous articles on official account.


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