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The Wu Shulian Chinese University Ranking, an independent survey, has consistently placed the School’s undergraduate programs in mechanical engineering and automation, power and energy engineering at number one over the past few years; and in 2009, according to the same survey, the School’s undergraduate program in industrial engineering ranked No. 2 in the country. The School is ranked the nation’s best in terms of undergraduate job placement.

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Undergraduate Degree programs

Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering program at SJTU aims to cultivate innovative discipline-integrated talents. The Mechanical Engineering curriculum covers traditionally preponderant disciplines as advanced manufacturing, robotics, automotive engineering, vibration and acoustic control, and the emerging disciplines as smart manufacturing, bio-mechatronics and autonomous vehicle. The Mechanical Engineering program excels in the educational efforts allowing students to gain unique design and practice experiences. Core courses:
◎ Design & Manufacturing
◎ Modeling, Analysis and System Control
◎ Manufacturing Process I
◎ Measurement Principles and Technologies
◎ Mechanical Dynamics and Vibration

Energy and Power Engineering

The target of the Energy and Power Engineering program at SJTU is to cultivate top talents in energy conversion & utilization and power engineering fields for scientific research, technology development and engineering application. The curriculum design is on basis of the national strategic needs and international academic frontiers, covering advanced disciplines as flow and heat transfer in micro/ nano systems, advanced combustion engines, gas turbines, energy utilization in refrigeration systems, and those emerging or crossed disciplines as solar energy, fuel cell technology, energy internet, smart energy and clean energy utilization.
Core courses:
◎ Heat Transfer
◎ Fluid Mechanics
◎ Combustion Theory
◎ System Dynamics and Mechanical Vibrations

Industrial Engineering

The Industrial Engineering program at SJTU aims to cultivate interdisciplinary talents with engineering and management background. The program curriculum includes operation management of production and service, quality and reliability engineering, logistics and supply chain. The students in this program can also learn about the advanced technologies and applications of smart manufacturing and big data in the fields of semiconductor, automotive, aeronautics and astronautics, healthcare and so on. The graduates from this program can work in the advanced manufacturing fields as aeronautics and astronautics, automotive and electronics industries, and the service fields as logistics, finance and consulting industries.
Core courses:
◎ Operations Research
◎ Engineering Statistics
◎ System Modeling and Simulation
◎ Production Planning and Control
◎ Quality Management

Nuclear Engineering and Nuclear Technology

The Nuclear Engineering and Nuclear Technology (NENT) Program is a comprehensive program covering the scope of nuclear reactor engineering, nuclear fuel cycle and materials, radiation protection and nuclear technology. This program aims to cultivate students with specialized knowledge and solid foundation in nuclear engineering to satisfy the national needs of economics and society development. Students in this program need to master knowledge in physics, chemistry, energy, machinery, materials, control and management.
Core courses:
◎ Nuclear Thermal-hydraulics
◎ Reactor Physics
◎ Reactor System and Equipment
◎ Reactor Safety Analysis
◎ Radiation Protection
◎ Nuclear Fuel and Materials

New Energy Science and Engineering

The New Energy Science and Engineering program is an interdisciplinary undergraduate education platform. The goal of this  program is to cultivate leading, innovative and international-vision talents in the new energy industries as solar photovoltaic, solar thermal utilization and heat pump, wind energy, biomass energy, electricity storage and smart grid areas. The curriculum includes courses related to electrochemistry, renewable energy, power information and power management in addition to the fundamental courses in mechanical and power engineering.
Core courses:
◎ Power Electronics
◎ Solar Photovoltaic Science and Application
◎ Biomass Energy
◎ Solar Thermal Application
◎ Wind Energy Technologies

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