Graduate Programs

SJTU-ME Graduate Programs including the M.S. program and Ph.D. program are dedicated to training elite, talented individuals with solid foundation, broad knowledge, good practical ability and global vision. The core value of education is to equip graduate students with appreciation for scientific exploration, innovative spirit and critical thinking. A complete system has been established to cultivate more highly-competent graduate students by combining the training process and the target management, improving the talent selection process, and a series of graduate training quality assurance measures. Students need to select courses and write a thesis in one or more of the following programs.

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Mechanical Engineering

◎ Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
◎ Mechatronics
◎ Machine Design and Theory
◎ Vehicle Engineering
◎ Industrial Engineering

Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics

◎ Engineering Thermophysics
◎ Thermal Energy Engineering
◎ Power Machinery and Engineering (Turbomachinery/Internal Combustion Engines)
◎ Fluid Machinery and Engineering
◎ Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering
◎ Fuel Cell

Nuclear Science and Engineering

◎ Nuclear Science and Engineering
◎ Nuclear Materials and Fuel Cycle

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