About ME

About ME

The School of Mechanical Engineering (ME) has the vision of a world-class engineering school committed to high-level education and cutting edge research. It aims to offer the best learning experience to its students, the most rewarding working environment for its faculty and staff, as well as the most effective service to industry and society. As one of the top Schools of Mechanical Engineering in China, it strives to increase its international competitiveness and global presence through quality teaching, advanced research and close collaboration with leading universities in the world.


The history of the School of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) dates back to 1913, when it was first founded as Electric and Mechanics Section of the Shanghai College of Technology. Over the past century, the School has produced tens of thousands of alumni, as scientists, engineers, educators, statesmen and entrepreneurs, always make outstanding contributions to the innovation of science and technology, and the development of the society.

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