National Engineering Labratory for Reducing Emissions from Coal Combustion(Shanghai)

National Engineering Laboratory of Reducing Emissions from Coal Combustion is an united laboratory led by Harbin Institute of Technology and sponsored by Shanghai Jiao Tong University and other three organizations. The laboratory was applied for construction in May 2008, and was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission in November 2008. It provides a research and development platform both for developing key core technologies of reducing emissions from modern large-capacity coal-fired power boilers, and for talent development and academic exchange between high-level talents. Aiming the industry demand, the laboratory will research and develop self-owned advanced available low emission technologies of coal combustion, intensifying the combination of production, studying and researching, improving the industrial core competitiveness, and promoting the sustainable development and international competitiveness of China’s coal-fired power generation. Original applied fundamental research is conducted for developing strategic prospective technologies, new processes and modern units. Key technologies and modern units are investigated along six important directions: low NOx combustion technology, O2/CO2 combustion technology, flue gas desulfurization technology with low cost and investment, ash removal system with high performance and low cost, integrated removal of emissions from coal combustion, and detection technology of emissions from coal combustion. As a result, a management and evaluation system of reducing emissions from coal combustion will be built for providing technology and apparatus support for clean production of power industry. As a source technology of creative technology, more fundamental studies will be performed in the National Engineering Laboratory of Reducing Emissions from Coal Combustion (Shanghai). 


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