Shanghai Key Laboratory of Advanced Manufacturing Environment

Shanghai Key Lab of Advanced Manufacturing Environment (AME), which is led by Shanghai Municipal Science & Technology Commission, is a research and development center sponsored and supported by both Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Shanghai Telecom Co., Ltd. 

The lab is focused on fundamental research, key technology R&D, product development and technology transfer in a cross-disciplinary field of advanced manufacturing, information technology and modern management. 

The research areas are: Virtual Prototype Engineering for Product R&D, Virtual Manufacturing Engineering for Product Manufacturing, VR/AR Supporting Technology and Distributed Virtual Design Environment; Computer Integrated Manufacturing Unit and Integration, Enterprise Information Project Planning and Implementation Consulting, Process Management and Business Intelligence, Digital Factory and Workshop Fundamental Automation, Public Service Platform Construction and Application Integration; Rapid Modeling for Product Development, Rapid Manufacturing for Functional Sample, 3D Surface Inspection and Application Engineering. 

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