National Engineering Laboratory for Automotive Electronic Control Technology

National Engineering Laboratory for Automotive Electronic Control Technology was set up in 2008, focusing on innovative researches in automotive electronic control technology to meet the national demands of energy-saving and emission-reduction, automotive industry upgrading, breakthrough of bottleneck technologies in powertrain system control, chassis control and active safety, vehicle bus-system and body electronics. Based on the application technology of engine, transmission, motor, battery, National Engineering Laboratory is aimed to fully grasp the fundamental key technologies such as actuators, sensors, integrated circuits; and the common core technologies such as standard software architecture and embedded real-time operating system, etc.

National Engineering Laboratory is equipped with a complete automotive electronics test and development environment ranging from the controllers, the core components to the powertrain systems and the entire vehicle. ECU development platform works from the controller hardware design, software and operating system development, to control strategy HIL development, controller prototyping and various reliability tests, covering the entire process of the controller development. Component development platform targets on the core components and sub-systems (engine, transmission, motor, battery) development and research for both conventional and electric vehicles, and especially their electronic control systems development, testing, validation and calibration. Powertrain system and vehicle development platforms realize the complete research and development functionality of hybrid powertrain system and vehicle, including system integration, system performance testing and validation, powertrain system level and vehicle level control system development, hardware-in-loop simulation, control strategy development and verification, and calibration, etc.

Director:Prof. Zhongqin LIN
Deputy Director: Prof. Min XU

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