The Chinese Music Activity was held successfully online


In the evening of December 10,  the Chinese music activity hosted by MEISU was held successfully online at Zoom. The activity aims to promote and spread Chinese excellent music culture, strengthen the exchange between Chinese and foreign students, and promote foreign students to integrate into Chinese faster and better. The event was hosted by international student Chenglin Pua.

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Mr. Ding Yijun was the first guest, a PhD candidate in history from the humanities department at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He first made a detailed introduction about the history of Chinese music and Chinese Opera. Through his introduction, we had a strong understanding about Chinese music and opera, know how it was originated and spread throughout worldwide. During the introduction, he also played some videos which enhance our understanding. After the introduction, he and his music instructor common performed Suzhou Pingtan with traditional Chinese instruments. The characteristics of traditional Chinese music was showed incisively and vividly.



Next,  Mr. Koh Zhuang Chean, an undergraduate student from Nanyang Technological University  in Singapore, performed two songs. The sweet voice moved everyone.


The Chinese music activity was pleasant and with cultural connotations. It enriched students' extracurricular activities, spread Chinese culture. At the same time, the activity cultivated the international students’ interest in Chinese music and further enhanced the cultural exchange between Chinese and international students . MEISU Chinese music activity came to an end under a cheerful environment. 

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