The ME × SMC × ICCI three-institute joint orienteering competition was held successfully


On the afternoon of November 14, the orienteering activity with the theme of "Orienteering in the Three Institutes, Cross Country and Become Youthful" was held on the Minhang campus of Shanghai Jiaotong University. This activity is sponsored by the Graduate Association of the School of Mechanical Engineering, and co-organized by the Graduate Association of the School of USC-SJTU Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry and the Graduate Association of the School of Media and Communication. It aims to allow students to enjoy the natural, intellectual and physical activities and to strengthen friendship with the students from the brother colleges. 

A total of 16 teams participated in this activity, and more than 60 players from the School of Mechanical Engineering, the School of USC-SJTU Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry and the School of Media and Communication participated in the same field competition. First of all, the players gathered and signed in on the lawn of Mechanical Engineering School, and the host introduced the game and the points rules for the players. The players form a team according to the four-person team assigned before, and were familiar with their little friends, readied to start the game.


After that, the players searched for eight locations to participate in the game by solving clues, and at the same time determined the group's route of action. After unraveling the clues and successfully reaching the game location, the students actively cooperated with each other, and successfully completed the "Forge Forward", " Crossing Chishui the fourth times ", "Sing for China", "Go Forward Bravely", " We are in chemistry ", and " Never forget why you started ", "Turn things around", " Fly away from the Luding Bridge " and other games. After each game, each team had an opportunity to answer questions. The questions include party history, party constitution, traditional Chinese culture, etc. You can get extra points for correct answers.





After each session, the team returned to the the lawn of Mechanical Engineering School. The host solved all the puzzles for the contestants, which further enhanced the students' understanding of the campus of Jiaotong University. The top six teams in the activity were also presented with exquisite prizes, and all the players received small gifts as commemorative gifts.




This orienteering activity is both interesting and challenging. It exercises physical endurance and also trains everyone's logical thinking ability. The students fully enjoyed the fun of the game and got close to nature. In addition, they also demonstrated youthful vitality and good teamwork spirit, which further enhanced the exchanges and friendship between the three colleges. After the award ceremony, All participants and staff took a group photo together, and the theme of " Orienteering in the Three Institutes, Cross Country and Become Youthful " came to a successful conclusion.


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