2021 Fall Semester International Students Orientation


On 23rd September, MEISU (Mechanical Engineering International Student Union) held an online orientation for Mechanical Engineering School freshmen. The event was hosted by Raclen Chen(who is in charge of international students affairs). Tencent meeting was used as meeting platform. Total of 12 students attended the online orientation.


Raclen described from the aspects of campus safety management, school discipline and rules, examination integrity and so on.At first, contacts of the office and person in-charge were shared in the orientation. Freshmen can contact them with email or telephone if they have any question or difficulties. The procedure of applying for entering or leaving the campus through school official website was also introduced. It would be very helpful as currently we are facing the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic. Safety should be the first to be considered.


Legal regulations were also introduced in the orientation. Living in China is a new experience for international freshmen. Regulation will enhance our understanding on Chinese law and legal rules to make sure we will not do anything against local law. Moreover, school regulations were also introduced.


Second, Zach Strout who is from MEISU shared cuisine of SJTU. SJTU has more than 6 canteens which impressed us. He also showed some of the delicious food to the students. Zach also share his personal preferences, which are Xiao Long Bao, Spicy hot pot and etc.


There is also a McDonald within the campus. Zach also shared that bubble tea is one of the hottest beverage in SJTU, if we visit SJTU should  try the  bubble tea on campus. Food delivery app is also popular and frequently used in China. It is suggested people to order food delivery during the pandemic.


SJTU also has fascinating facilities for students such as indoor swimming pool, basketball court, tennis court and even a big football field. People can exercise in the fascinating sport facilities. Bicycles are widely used in the campus. You only need to download an app, such as the Hello bike app, then you can choose bicycle as your transportation, which is really convenient. China is now nearly a cashless society as most of the people us Alipay or Wechat pay to complete payments.


Finally, Zach introduced MEISU. MEISU was founded in 2018 with a vision to provide a platform for students of Mechanical Engineering of SJTU to exchange universal cultures and build a bridge between international students and Chinese students.Currently, MEISU has 19 students from 8 countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh , USA , Malaysia and etc. 


At the end, all freshmen and members of the International Student Union take a group photo together.

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