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The postdoctoral positions in the area of Mechanical Engineering, Power Engineering and Engineering Thermal Physics, Nuclear Science and Technology at SJTU-ME are available throughout the year, and there’s no limit to the number. Applicants who are under forty, with doctoral degree, good physical condition, outstanding academic performance and willing to work full time are welcomed. In addition, Candidates should also meet the requirements of “Measures for the Management and Implementation of Regulations on Postdoctoral Fellowship Program”.

Post-Doctoral fellows should contact with supervisors, and the faculty information will be found on this website, Candidates who are able to meet all our requirements could work as post-doctoral fellows at SJTU-ME.

The annual salary will be no less than 120,000 /person. The university will purchase commercial insurance for all foreign post-doctoral fellows. The post doctors can apply for the dormitory, or rent outside by themselves and enjoy a subsidy on a monthly basis of 2200 yuan. The post doctor research work is initially for two years, but may be extended no more than one year upon consent.

Established in 1913, the School of Mechanical Engineering has produced lots of early pioneers in China’s modern industry. Through the continuous growth of the century, the school has obtained outstanding accomplishments in various aspects like research output, industry interaction, education and globalization. By now, the school has 3 national first-level disciplines authorized to offer doctorate degree, 3 postdoctoral stations and 14 national second-level disciplines authorized to offer doctorate degree, 9 national or municipal level laboratories and engineering centers, 5 multi- discipline platforms. All this advantages bring about a good atmosphere for postdoctoral fellowship training and scientific development. We are expecting for your join!  


Coordinator: Huang Pei


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