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YU Fan    
Institute of Automotive Engineering    
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Mechanical Building A Room 602
University Major
University of Leeds
Jilin University of Technology
Jilin University of Technology
Professional Experience
2000-present Professor, School of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai JiaoTong University
2004.2-2004.5 Visting Scholar,University of Michigan
1999-2000 Visiting Professor, State Key Laboratory of Automotive Safety and Energy, Tsinghua University
1998-1999 Professor, State Key Laboratory of Automobile Dynamic Simulation, Jilin University of Technology
1995-1998 Associate Professor, Jilin University of Technology
1987-1992 Lecturer,Jilin University of Technology
1982-1984 Assistant Engineer, Changchun Research Institute of Agricultural Machinery
Research Interests
Vehicle Dynamics 
Chassis Control Systems
Research Projects
2009-2011 National Natural Science Foundation projects (NSFC)“Research On Integrated Vehicle Chassis Control Based On Optimized Tire Force Distribution",Superviser
2007-2008 OMRON-SJTU Joint Research Project:"Review and Market Survey of Electric Power Steering (EPS) for Passenger Car", Superviser
2006-2008 National Natural Science Foundation projects (NSFC)“Coordination control research of regenerative vehicle active suspension ",Superviser
2003-2006 Project of SAIC Found “Prototype design and research of regenerative vehicle active suspension”, Superviser
2003-2005 Project of Ministry of Education (ME)“Research on vehicle active suspension based on nonlinear rigid-flexible coupling multibody model",Superviser
2002-2005 Project of SAIC Found “Simulation and optimized design for Macpherson strut suspension based on detailed vehicle model", Superviser
2002-2004 '10th Five year' Advanced Research Project of PLA General Armament Department “Study on dynamic performances of military vehicle with hydro-pneumatic suspension",Superviser
Selected Publications
David Crolla, Fan Yu. Vehicle Dynamics and Control. China Communications Press, 2004.1
Fan Yu, Yi Lin. Automotive System Dynamics. China Machine Press, 2005.9.
F. Yu and D. A. Crolla. An Optimal Self-tuning Controller for an Active Suspension[J]. Vehicle System Dynamics, 1998, 29(1): 51-65.
F. Yu and D. A. Crolla. A State Observer Design for an Adaptive Vehicle Suspension[J]. Vehicle System Dynamics,1998, 30(6): 457- 471.
F. Yu and D. A. Crolla, Wheelbase Preview Optimal Control for Active Vehicle Suspensions[J]. Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 1998, 11(2), 1998: 122-129.
F. Yu, J.W. Zhang and D.A. Crolla. A Study of a Kalman filter active suspension system with using the correlations of front and rear wheel inputs[J]. Proceedings of IMechE (Part D), J. of Automotive Engineering, 2000, 214(5): 493-502.
F. Yu, J.Li, J. Z. Feng and J. W. Zhang. A New Control Strategy for Vehicle Active Suspension System Using PID and Fuzzy Logic Control[J]. SAE Transaction, J. of Passenger Cars, No. 2001-01-2519: 618-625.
F. Yu, J.Z. Feng, J. Li, A Fuzzy Controller Design for Vehicle ABS with a On-line Optimized Target Wheel Slip Ratio[J]. Int. J. of Automotive Technology, 2002, 3(4): 165-170.
Z. Luo, F. Yu and B. C. Chen, Design of a novel semi-tracked air-cushion vehicle for soft terrain[J]. Int. J. of Vehicle Design, 2003, 31(1): 112-123
Z. Luo, F. Yu, Load Distribution Control System Design for a Semi - Track Air - Cushion Vehicle[J]. J. of Terramechanics, 2007, 44(1): 319-325.
F. Yu and D. A. Crolla, Analysis on Benefits of an Adaptive Kalman Filter Active Vehicle Suspension[J]. Electronics Steering and Suspension System, SAE Technical paper 981120: 269-276.
J. Li, F. Yu, J. Z. Feng and H.P. Zhao, The rapid development of vehicle electronic control system by hardware-in-the-loop simulation[J] Proceedings of IMechE(Part D), J. of Automotive Engineering, 2002, 216(D2): 95-105.
T. Sun, F. Yu. Study on ride quality of a heavy-duty off-road vehicle with a nonlinear hydropneumatic spring[J]. Int. J. of Automotive Technology, 2005, 6(5): 483-489.
X. M. Shen and F. Yu, Study on Vehicle Chassis Control Integration Based on a Main-loop-inner-loop Design Approach[J]. J. of Automotive Engineering, Proceedings of IMechE(Part D), 2006, 220 (D11): 1491-1502.
X. M. Shen, F. Yu, Investigation on integrated vehicle chassis control based on vertical and lateral tire behavior correlativity[J]. Vehicle System Dynamics, 2006, 44 (S1): 506-519.
X. M. Shen, F. Yu, Study on vehicle chassis control integration based on vehicle dynamics and separate loop design approach[J]. Int. J. of Vehicle Autonomous Systems, 2007, 5(1/2): 95-118
Yu Fan,Guo Konghui. Optimal adaptive and self-tuning control of vehicle active suspension[J],Automotive Engineering, 1998, 20(4): 193-200.
Yu Fan,Guo Konghui. Wheelbase Preview control of vehicle suspension with Kalman Filter[J].Automotive Engineering, 1999, 21(2): 72-80.
Yu Fan,Cao Min,Zheng Xuechun. Research on the feasibility of vehicle active suspension with energy regeneration[J],J. of vibration and Shock, 2005, 4(24): 27-30.
F. Yu, J. Li, J. W. Zhang and J.Z. Feng. Fuzzy neural networks control of a semi-active suspension system with dynamic absorber[J]. SAE Transactions, 2000, 109(6): 2415-2422.
F. Yu, J. Z. Feng, J. Li. An investigation to controller design for vehicle active suspension by using GA-based PID and fuzzy logic control[J]. SAE Paper No 2002-01-0983. SAE 2002, 6: 1431-1442
F. Yu, Li Jun, J. Z. Feng. Study of Vehicle Yaw Stability Control Based on Hardware-in-The-Loop Simulation, SAE Paper No 2005-01-1845.
F. Yu, Z. Luo, B. C. Chen and J. Chen. Study of Load Distribution for a Semi-Track Air Cushion Vehicle, SAE Technical Paper No.1999-01-2788.
F. Yu, J. Liu, Y. Liu, L. M. Lou. Multi-body System Analysis and Optimization Design for a Mac Pherson Front Suspension with non-linear S-Shape Springs, Paper Code: Barcelona2004/ F2004F278, FISITA World Automotive Congress, Barcelona, May 23-27.
X. M. Shen, F. Yu. Design and Analysis of an Integrated Chassis H_inf Controller for a Combined Active Suspension and 4WS System, 19th IAVSD Symposium, Milan, Italy, August 29th -Sept. 4th, 2005. (presented by Prof. YU Fan)
D. F. Li, X. M. Shen and F. Yu. Study on the chassis control integration based on tyre slip ratio regulation and active steering control. FISITA 2006 World Automotive Congress Paper Code: Yokohama2006/F2006V177,Published by JSAE, Oct.22-26, 2006.(presented by Prof. YU Fan, as session-chair)
F. Yu, X. C. Zheng. Study on the Potential Benefits of An Energy-Regenerative Active Suspension for Vehicles, SAE Paper 2005-01-3564. Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress & Exhibition, November 1-3, 2005 Detroit, Michigan.
Yu Fan,Huang HC,Guan XQ. Present Status and Developing Trend of Automotive Air Suspension[J]. Automotive Technology, 2001, 8:. 6-10.
Liu Jiang, Yu Fan, Lou Leming. Optimization Design of Side Load Coil Springs for MacPherson Suspension[J]. Automotive Engineering, 2006, 28(8): 743-741.
Yu Fan, et al. Integrated Vehicle Dynamics Control –state of the art review, September 3-5, 2008, Harbin, China (Invited Keynote Speech)

Course Name:Vehicle System Dynamics
Teaching Target:Master students, Ph.D candidate
Credit Hour:36
Patents and Applications
Patent Name: Positioning and clamping device for measuring mechanical performance of vehicle rubber bushing Patent No.: ZL200510025773.6
Patent Name: Elastic connecting device for air cushion hybrid vehicle Patent No.: ZL200510027328.3
Patent Name: Walking mechanism for electric rubber track vehicle Patent No.: ZL200720076649.7
Patent Name: Actuator for regenerative vehicle active suspension Patent No.: ZL200820058175.8
Patent Name: Semi-track air cushion vehicle Patent No.: ZL200710036551.3
Patent Name: Air cushion walking vehicle Patent No.: ZL201010109042
Patent Name: Automotive front & rear active steering control system Application No.: 200910055961.1
Other Professional Activities
2009-present Editorial member of Journal of Quality Control
2005-present Member of Expert Committee for Auto books publication, SAE-China
2003-present Editorial member of Transaction of Agricultural Machinery
2002-present Member of China High Education Teaching Guidance Committee (Vehicle Engineering Division)
1998-present Committee member of Automobile Suspension Committee, SAE-China
1998-present Senior Member of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society
1997-present Member of SAE International
Appointed experts of international journals, e.g.,《Vehicle System Design》、《J. of Automotive Engineering》IMechE (Part D)、《Int. J. of Vehicle Design》for paper assessments
Honors and Awards
2009 GM creative talent awards for Chinese Universities
2006 Third Prize for PLA Science and Technology Progress
2003 Excellent Teaching Prize by Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
1997 Second Prize of Science and Technology Achievements by Jilin Province
1997 Excellent Young Teacher Fund by State Education Committee
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