The ME × ICCI Orienteering Competition was held successfully
Posted by:     Time:2020-11-16

In the afternoon of November 14, "ME x ICCI" orienteering activity was held at the Minhang Campus of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The activity was organized by the Graduate Student Association of Mechanical Engineering, and co-organized by the MEISU and Graduates Union of USC-SJTU Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry (hereinafter referred to as "ICCI"). The event aimed to enrich students' spare time life, enhance the friendship between students from different schools and departments, and strengthen the exchange between new and old students, Chinese and foreign students. The event attracted a total of 88 students who registered to form teams.


Players first gathered on the lawn in front of ME school to sign in, and the host introduced the game and scoring rules for the players. During the process, players in the same group got to know each other gradually.

Players answered clues and searched for game locations. At the game locations, students worked together to complete a series of games, such as "Listen to Songs and Know Songs" and "Puncture Balloons Blindfolded", etc. At the same time, they answer the questions about campus knowledge in the puzzle cards by developing their minds, which added points to their scores.

After the activity, every team gathered back at the lawn. The host solved all the puzzles for the participants, which further enhanced the students' understanding of the campus. During the game, the students worked closely together, playing their respective strengths to enhance their understanding of each other.

The orienteering activity was pleasant and challenging, developing the brain and relaxing their mind simultaneously, highlighting the students' youthful vitality and good teamwork spirit, further enhancing the communication between the students of the two schools, and establishing a deep friendship between the participants. In a cheerful atmosphere, the "ME x ICCI" orienteering activities came to a successful end.

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