2020 Fall Semester International Students Orientation
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On Wednesday, 9th Sep 2020, an orientation was successfully held online via zoom meeting room for all new international students of ME school. The orientation started at 8:00pm, hosted by Mayibongwe, a third-year ME master student and also a member of MEISU. One ME staff, six MEISU members and over twenty new ME international students were present at the online event. The new students came from fifteen different countries and consisted of master students, PhD candidates and exchange students.

Raclen, from Graduate Students Affairs Office, firstly introduced the contacts and the staffs in charge of affairs related to international students. Due to the global epidemic, the scholarship signing regulations this year were different and were elucidated in detail.
Then raclen presented legal regulations that must be conformed by international students.

Thereafter, Hasib Zubayer, a second-year ME Phd student, shared the campus life in SJTU. He started with presenting beautiful scenery in SJTU campus, especially our ME school.
Then, Hasib introduced the well-equipped facilities in SJTU regarding sport, entertainment, canteens, shopping places, libraries, hospitals, banks, transports, etc. He particularly highlighted all the delicious foods in SJTU and finally gave some survival tips to the new students.

Augustus, the president of MEISU, gave a speech during the orientation to welcome all the new international students and also to introduce MEISU to them. He presented the essential structure of MEISU and various appealing activities previously held by three departments of MEISU, academic department, culture department and communication department respectively.
Augustus then listed future activities in next two semesters and sincerely expected new students’ participation. Finally, he encouraged new students to come and join MEISU, to help international students of ME school and simultaneously to cultivate their own leadership.

Several questions asked by students were elaborated in detail by Raclen in chat frame. The orientation came to end at 9:10pm after an online group photo of all the participants was taken. The orientation was held by MEISU and aim to help new international students to adapt to Chinese culture and campus life in SJTU.





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