Wish you a happy new year!
Posted by:     Time:2018-12-25

In a bright day of cold winter, 13th December, MEISU organized a New Year party for the students of the School of Mechanical Engineering in Guangbiao building. Special guests Mr. John Sherwood, Mrs. Rachael Sherwood, Ms. Danyell Chen, Ms. Niko Zhang and around 30 students attended the party. Both of foreign and Chinese students colored the party with their appearance to celebrate for the New Year. The party was hosted by Sikander.

The party started with the song “Something Just Like That” of the band “Chain-smokers” performed by ME-student Ariful Islam by his Ukelele.

In the middle, there were lot of games like balloon tramping, guess the word, Pingpang ball pick up, Chinese culture competition, with so much fun and of course foods and drinks! The games were pretty competitive and the participants actually had to work really hard to win the prizes!

In order to have the vibe of approaching Christmas in this DECEMBER, there was a gift exchange game. Thanks to our Dear John who actually conducted the game to give us an idea how it is done in a Christmas culture.

The party ended with the guitar performance by Jorge H. Santamaria Asario.

We wish all of you a very happy new year with your family and friends. In the meantime, do not forget to write to your dear ones in the occasion of new year as the guests of today's event wrote to theirs!

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