Opening Ceremony for International Student Union of School of Mechanical Engineering (MEISU) Was Held Successfully
Posted by:     Time:2018-12-07

The opening ceremony of International Student Union of School of Mechanical Engineering (MEISU) was held in Conference room Zhenhua On 30th Nov. Zhike Peng (Executive vice-president), Hao Wang (Vice-president), Xiyao Gu (Deputy party secretary), Peter B. Shull (Robotics Research Institute), Dong Han (Internal Combustion Engine Research Institute), representatives of teachers, administrators and international students and members of ME International Student Union attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Zach Strout, a master student from the United States, a member of MEISU communication center.

Zhike Peng delivered a speech at the ceremony. He introduced the basic situation of international education and students at ME school. He expressed congratulations for MEISU on behalf of ME school. He emphasized that MEISU is the link between international students and school, and the bridge between international students and Chinese students. He hoped that MEISU could serve the faculty and students diligently in the future.

Peter B. Shull and Han Dong speak as instructors of MEISU. Prof. Shull said he had been in Jiaotong since 2013 and was delighted to see the number of international students increasing, expressing his joy at the trend of internationalization of ME school. Prof. Han spoke of his experience studying abroad and hoped MEISU would a warm harbor for international students.

KHANDAKER NOMAN, President of MEISU, a Ph.D. student from Bangladesh, introduced the background, structure and missions of the MEISU. The Presidium members made a departmental introduction.

At the ceremony, Prof. Shull and Prof. Han were appointed by Zhike Peng and Hao Wang as instructors of MEISU. Xiyao Gu issued the letter of appointment for the presidium members.

 MEISU aims to provide a platform for students to exchange cultures from different countries and build a bridge of friendship between international students and Chinese students. MEISU consists of Communication center, Culture center and Academic center, with the first 24 members from 8 different countries.




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