Lecture of Prof. Yan Su
Posted by:     Time:2019-08-12

Title:Numerical Simulations of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Porous Media by the Non-dimensional Lattice Boltzmann Method (NDLBM) with a Controllable Structure Generation Scheme (CSGS)
Time:10:30, Aug.12, 2019
Place:F207, School of Mechanical Engineering
Host:HONG Fangjun, Professor (Institute of Engineering Thermophysics)


Dr. Su is currently an associate Professor of Electromechanical Engineering in University of Macau. She received his PhD degree from the Department of Mechanical Engineering from University of Minnesota in 2006. In year 2000 and 2003, she obtained her Bachelor of Thermal Engineering from Tsinghua University, and Master of Mechanical Engineering from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, respectively. Dr. Su's research interests include Thermal Dispersion in Porous Medium, Renewable Energy Systems, Oscillating Flows, and Indoor Air Quality.


High performance computations of fluid flow and heat transfer through complex porous medium structures are performed for various structures by the Non-dimensional Lattice Boltzmann Method (NDLBM) with a Controllable Structure Generation Scheme (CSGS). The CSGS based on discrete Gaussian quadrature space and velocity is presented and used to generate multiple-phase random isotropic homogenous and shape-constrained anisotropic heterogeneous structures. The primary advantage of the CSGS over the existing random structure generation growth method is the ability to model a wide variety of structures by controlling the shape through only a few simple integer constraint indexes. Four packed structure types (shapeless random, separated solid shapes, separated random-filled shapes, and random-mixture-filled shapes) are shown. Three-dimensional thermal diffusion and nature convection flow are simulated by the NDLBM. The results reveal how the mesoscopic shape of a structure impacts fluid flow and heat transfer patterns.

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