Lecture of Prof. Chao-Nan Xu
Posted by:     Time:2018-12-22

Title:Mechanoluminescence: From Materials to Applications and Standardization
Time:10:00-11:30, Dec.22, 2018
Place:F210, School of Mechanical Engineering
Host:SHANGGUAN Wenfeng, Professor (Institute of Internal Combustion Engine)


Chao-Nan Xu is a principal research manager and leader of the research team at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan, where she was the founding chair of the Mechanoluminescence Technology Consortium. She has been a concurrent professor at Kyushu University, Japan, since 2005, and also serves as the director of the Electronic Division of The Ceramic Society of Japan (CerSJ). She holds more than 150 patents and published more than 400 papers. Her awards include the CerSJ Fellow Award and Distinguished Researcher (Gold metal) of the MEXT Minister Prize.


Piezoluminescence, which is also called elasticoluminescence, is a form of mechanoluminescence (ML) during the elastic deformation, which has attracted considerable attention because it can be repeatedly used for mechano-optical conversion. Elastic ML offers the advantages of wireless detection and nondestructive analysis, making it a promising candidate for various applications. This talk will discuss the physical mechanisms of mechanoluminescence, materials, and applications. Selected host materials and metal-ion activators are used for demonstrating the fundamentals. These materials offer the advantages of remote detection, nondestructive analysis, and repeatability, they are promising for applications in stress sensing, structural health diagnosis, energy harvesting, biomedicine, novel light sources, and displays.


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