About ME

About ME
  • DU Zhaohui
    Chairperson of the School Council, Dean
    Professor, Institute of Engineering Thermophysics

    Research Interests:

    1. Flowfield Simulation and Measurement in turbomachinery
    2. Wind Turbine Design

    Email: zhdu@sjtu.edu.cn

  • PENG Zhike
    Executive Dean
    Professor, Institute of Vibration, Shock & Noise

    Research Interests:

    1. Nonlinear vibration theory and applications
    2. Active vibration control
    3. Time frequency signal analysis and processing
    4. Machinery condition monitoring and fault diagnosis

    Email: z.peng@sjtu.edu.cn

  • XIONG Zhenhua
    Vice Dean
    Professor, Robotics Institute

    Research Interests:

    1. Motion Control in Robotics
    2. Intelligent Manufacturing
    3. Advanced Electronic Manufacturing 

    Email: mexiong@sjtu.edu.cn

  • WANG Hao
    Vice Dean
    Professor, Institute of Automotive Engineering

    Research Interests:

    1. Mechanisms and Robotics
    2. Multi-body System Dynamics
    3. Flexible Manufacturing Equipment

    Email: wanghao@sjtu.edu.cn

  • WANG Liwei
    Vice Dean
    Professor, Institute of Refrigeration and Cryogenics

    Research Interests:

    1. Adsorption refrigeration and power generation
    2. Heat and mass transfer intensification
    3. Thermodynamic cycle

    Email: lwwang@sjtu.edu.com

  • SHENG Xinjun
    Vice Dean
    Associate Professor, Robotics Institute

    Research Interests:

    1. Bio-mechatronis, bio-robotics
    2. Robotics
    3. IC packaging machine

    Email: xjsheng@sjtu.edu.cn

  • QI Fei
    Vice Dean
    Professor, Institute of Internal Combustion Engine

    Research Interests:

    Development/applications of tunable synchrotron VUV photoionization mass Spectrometry techniques in combustion and energy conversion studies including experimental, theoretical and kinetic modeling study on combustion 
    (pyrolysis, oxidation and flame), pyrolysis kinetics of biomass and coal, combustion related air pollutants.

    Email: fqi@sjtu.edu.cn

  • MENG Yan
    Vice Chairperson of the School Council
    Chairman of the Union

    Research Interests:

    Email: ymeng@sjtu.edu.cn

  • GU Xiyao
    Vice Chairperson of the School Council

    Research Interests:

    Email: guxiyao@sjtu.edu.cn

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